How to do a Post Christmas Purge

After the holidays I always crave simplicity! I love layering in cozy textures and seasonal décor for the holidays, but I’m a minimalist at heart. With the New Year comes a distinct desire for less…of everything! Each year, sometimes starting as soon as Dec 26, I do a thorough post-Christmas purge! I love returning the house to a clean, simple, and bright space ready for what’s to come in the year ahead.

How to Declutter & Organize Post Christmas Purge

  • 1. Get rid of garbage + recycling
  • 2. Declutter holiday décor
  • 3. Everything in it’s place
  • 4. The “one in = one out” rule
  • 5. Create a spot for donations
  • 6. Tackle one room at a time
  • 7. Involve your family in decluttering
  • 8. Invest in new storage
  • 9. Make it cozy

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