How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

flowers in the backyard

As winter comes to an end, it’s time to start preparing your home for spring! Snowstorms and other winter conditions may have caused property damage or left debris around the yard.

Address these potential issues to get ready for the flowers, greenery and warmth that spring brings! Here are a few ways to start readying your home for the new season.

Clear the Gutters

It’s time for April showers! When rainfall levels increase, it’s important to make sure your gutters are clear from debris. If they become clogged, your home could be at risk for serious damage caused by leaks and flooding.

Removing the leaves and sticks left behind by fall and winter weather can help prevent water from overflowing from the gutters. To get the job done, grab your ladder and someone to spot you for safety.

Use a gutter scoop, shovel or an old wooden spoon to remove any debris, then wash away remaining dirt with a hose. To prevent any drainage problems, make sure to direct the downspouts away from your house to help prevent possible foundation damage.

Clean the Windows

A great way to welcome the season is to open the curtains and let spring’s natural light shine in. However, you’ll want to clean your windows first. Winter conditions may have left behind streaks and dirt that could mar your view of the beautiful spring scenery.

Take time to thoroughly spray and wipe down each window on the inside and outside to ensure the maximum amount of light comes in. Make sure to use the correct glass cleaning products to prevent streaks and lint-free towels to ensure no extra dust gets left behind!

Test Indoor Alarms

Properly functioning smoke alarms can help keep you and your family safe in an emergency. Take this time to test all your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s also important to change the batteries for these devices at least twice a year.

To check the alarms, press the test button and wait for a loud alert sound. If you don’t hear it, make sure to replace the batteries or the alarm altogether.

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